DO NOT drink our beer. DO NOT watch our fire. DO NOT feed the sharks.


What is Mindshark?

MindShark is a theme camp at Burning Man. It is a true confederacy of dunces. Enjoy the coldest beer on the playa at our bar, watch hippies burn on our interactive fire displays, and blow your mind(s) under our amazing responsive light shows.

What does Mindshark do?

Build dope shit and party hard. Dope shit means remote-controlled flame effects, hip-hop-themed food and alcohol events, sound-responsive light shows, and of course the coldest beer on the playa (now mobile).

Where is Mindshark camping?

Our location is always determined by the placement team of the Burning Man Organization. Learn more about the sectors and what they mean. Here is our address history:

2018 - 3:30 & E
2017 - 3:30 & D
2016 - 3:30 & C
2015 - 3:30 & B
2014 - 3:15 & A
2013 - 2:45 & G

How many people camp with Mindshark?

We usually plan on 69 campers per year. Things don't always go according to plan and occasionally we end up with 80.

What do I have to do to join Mindshark?

Contact Us Tell us how much you love crystals and fairy magic and glitter. Please also identify what form of alternative medicine you subscribe to. Feel free to advocate for fringe religious concepts. Tell us that vaccines cause autism. Chemtrails, etc.

Should I join Mindshark?

No. Stay out!

Our Sign

The Mindshark Sign is a propane based fire installation built and assembled by our camp members. Spanning over 16 feet, the sign can shoot procedurally controlled jets of flame into the air.

Our Bar

The shape, size and configuration of our bar changes from year; what doesn't change is that we have the coldest beer on the playa, the best events and the chillest beats and, did we mention: fire!

Our Fire Circle

Every year we designate a safe area where fire artists from all over the world can come and perform. Come see many of our talented members and friends perform their art. Fire eating, single and double fire staff, fire juggling, fire poi, fire fans, fire everything!

Our Dome

We outfit our 16 foot tall geodesic dome with about 7500 LEDs, which are set up to animate along with the music.